Monday, September 25, 2006

Reverse Psychology

Headline: Man threatens bikers, gets hit with car
PITTSBURG, Calif. - An alleged drunken motorist who brandished a pool cue while driving at a group of motorcyclists was hit by his own car after he attempted to approach the bikers on foot, authorities said.
Note to self: put car in park before picking a fight with a bunch of bikers.

He was so quick to jump out and teach those bad guys a lesson, that he forgot to put his car in park and instead left it in reverse. It rolled backward and knocked him into the street before he could even take the first swing.

The biker guys actually helped that fool by picking him up out of the street before another vehicle could hit him. Guess they don't call them Hell's Angels for nothing.

Given the situation, I suppose I would've helped him, too. Right after I finished my beer and spent a good ten or fifteen minutes pointing and laughing.

While he sits in jail, maybe he'll realize the car probably saved him from getting a real ass kicking and hopefully, he won't try that again. But if he didn't learn the first time, well, all I can say is go ahead - knock yourself out.


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