Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Soul Heir to the Throne

Headline: Woman balks at having 6/6/6 'devil' baby
CAVERSHAM, England, May 30 (UPI) -- A woman in England due to give birth on June 6 is fighting with her hospital to induce her sooner to avoid delivering on the demonic date of 6/6/6.
Are people insane? I don't know about you guys, but I'm very tired of this date already. I don't annotate dates in that fashion. If it's 2006, then I write down 2006 or '06 - not just 6. Are they a part of the Roman Empire or something?

It's 666 people - not six thousand, six hundred and six or even worse 662,006!

I realize most people will do anything for attention and publicity but to try to accept the mark of the beast is pushing it a little too far. Wouldn't you be deflated to know that Ann Coulter is really the devil? She may be "Godless" but I wouldn't give her that much credit.

Who knows what that number means, really. The sixth hour of the sixth day of the sixth month? Simply came into being between the numbers 665 and 667? Bad luck in the Angel graduation ranking? He was probably the only one who didn't throw their cap into the air on that day.

Whatever it all means, all I know is this: not only was Nero born in 6 AD, but also he happily watched Rome burn, his real name was Lucius, he fed Christians to lions and blamed the fire on them, too. Not to mention, according to Charlie Daniels, the devil had a golden fiddle.

Coincidence? I think not.

But just to be on the safe side, I don't think I'll be buying Ann's book anytime soon.


Blogger JohnB said...

She could always switch cultures...like depending what Chinese system you use, it is either the year 4643 or 4703. Looks like she's got quite a move ahead of her!

9:26 AM, May 30, 2006  
Blogger Enemy of the Republic said...

You know, having a 666 baby probably doesn't mean a heck of a lot; I nicknamed one of my cats the AntiChrist because he always bit my heel AND I SURVIVED! But why take chances? These are the consequences of sex or maybe she didn't know that.

2:34 PM, May 30, 2006  
Blogger JohnB said...

You realize that you have to follow up this coming Tuesday with an update, right?

10:22 AM, June 01, 2006  
Blogger OnMyWatch said...

EOTR: Just think, if more people were told that having sex can potentially lead to giving birth to the anti-christ, I'm thinking we'd have less of a problem out there.

JohnB - If she really gives birth to Satan, then I don't think I'll be blogging too much anymore. :)

10:45 AM, June 01, 2006  

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