Sunday, May 07, 2006

Here's Liangliang!

Headline: Robot gets up close and personal in China
Liangliang, standing at about 80 cm (nearly three feet), is able to walk and navigate obstacles at ease, as well as perform tasks as instructed by humans.
Who names these things? Liangliang. Aren't those Pandas called the same thing? Hmm.

Also, ever since I read this I've been having a tune stuck in my head: my Liangliang, my Liangliang - won't you play with my Liangliang. Maybe they should use that song in the ads.

Actually, the article explained that Liangliang in Chinese translates into "shining" or "bright." Let's just hope Stephen King doesn't get a hold of one of those babies.

A robot rolling around your house in the first place would be weird enough without it chanting redrum REDRUM as well. No worries though considering I'll probably never be able to afford one of my own.

But just in case, I'll be sure to have my mallet handy.


Blogger fatty ~ said...

i think Liang actually means beautiful - but then my chinese isn't very good.

Its chinese methods to give things lucky names. Even numbers have various meanings.

12:28 AM, May 08, 2006  
Blogger OnMyWatch said...

That's cool. I guess beautiful, shining or bright could all mean the same thing.

As long as it doesn't mean "strangle you while you're asleep" then everything's fine.


4:18 AM, May 08, 2006  
Blogger JohnB said...

There is much to be said about sci-fi...that the imagination will indeed bring us to reality. I just hope they don't skip over the "Three Laws Safe" (you read Asimov?).

7:43 AM, May 08, 2006  
Blogger OnMyWatch said...

No I haven't John but I did look it up when you mentioned it once before. :)

I'm wondering if SciFi will get rid of humans completely. :)

7:48 AM, May 08, 2006  
Blogger JohnB said...

We must always expect the inevitable...or the worst...unfortunately :(

8:13 AM, May 08, 2006  
Blogger Raydude6131 said...

"able to walk and navigate obstacles at ease, as well as perform tasks as instructed by humans". HEY!! That was on my job description when i started where i work now?!

11:34 AM, May 09, 2006  
Blogger OnMyWatch said...

funny! you should demand a "rayz"

8:33 AM, May 10, 2006  
Blogger Metal Mark said...

Well according to 1950's science fiction movies robots should have taken over the earth by the year 1982. I guess they are just behind schedule a bit.

9:19 AM, May 10, 2006  
Blogger Rocky said...

Isn't this how The Terminator started?

4:21 PM, May 14, 2006  

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