Monday, April 10, 2006

Mane Attraction

Headline: Lions to protect pregnant Jolie's privacy

Namibian Afrikaans daily newspaper Die Republikein said the pair had moved from a luxury beach resort in the harbor town of Walvisbay to a lodge in the Etosha National Game Park in northern Namibia, where lions are a top tourist draw and would help deter intruders trying to photograph the couple.

How can they expect this place to be a refuge from photographers? It's a tourist attraction!

And, the last time I checked, most tourists have cameras, do they not? Therefore, pictures will be taken - more than likely by National Geographic Explorer - but pictures will be taken.

I would've also hesitated to go to a place whose newspaper is called Die Republikein - are they an offshoot of CNN or what? But you gotta love those crazy Hollywood types.

I wonder if they'll name this child Simba? Although Simba Pitt would sound kind of stupid. Snake would work out much better and they'll probably see a lot more of those in that place than lions anyway.


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