Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Cold War-Error

Headline: Body Frozen in Glacier May Be WWII Airman
Finding bodies preserved in a glacier is unusual but not unheard of, command officials said. Two years ago, the unit recovered the body of a Cold War-era officer who died in Greenland.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but Greenland is ice and Iceland is green, right?

Anyway, at first glance, I figured this story was about some poor airman stationed at a frozen, tundra-like hell, who was just forgotten out on some remote missile site while endlessly waiting for the dayshift to arrive.

That would not be unheard of as I have waited countless times for relief to finally show up on a cold winters' morning. In a place like Greenland, it's no wonder there weren't more deaths every morning after a 12 hour shift. Discipline and pride wouldn't be the reasons for their rigid posture, it's more than likely caused by rigor mortis.

I suppose the best survival tip for winters in areas like those is to keep a stiff upper lip, which if you kept it moistened enough, wouldn't be too hard to do.


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