Monday, October 24, 2005

2 Outta 3 Ain't Bad

My favorite time of year is here and this weekend marked a great start to the Halloween festivities. Spending quality time with loved ones is always great, but getting lost in a haunted corn maze, listening to a storyteller weaving tales of horror at the parish library, and going to a laser show at the Planetarium is more than I could ask for!

We now have 2 family traditions in place: Story Hour and the Planetarium's Fright Lights.

Story hour is really geared toward small children but I allowed my inner child to enjoy the evening. It's an outdoor thing, listening to spooky tales while sitting on blankets, under the stars and moon, and letting go of your imagination. It's fun to notice the kids listening intently as the story unfolds, and laugh at them jump at the appropriate moments. Oh, alright - I jumped a time or two as well.

The corn maze was ok but I probably won't do it again. Maybe if I were 14 and on a triple date it would be fun, but at my age it was just dusty and well, corny. Even though the guys who dressed up in costumes seemed pretty husky, I don't think I'd ever do it again, if so, next time I'll be sure to bring a compass or better yet, a GPS to make sure I get out within a weeks' time.

I can't even describe how cool the laser light show turned out. Set to rock music and fun halloween tunes, the laser images were extremely impressive! I've never done something so cool before. Some of the songs played were by Metallica, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath and many, many more. The show opened with Michael Jackson's Thriller, which is the best halloween song of my generation...whether you like Jacko or not. The sound system was incredible and the visual effects were out of this world - pun intended. If I ever win the lottery I'm going to install a planetarium in my house. Everyone needs their own space.

The night ended with beignets and coffee and talks of the evenings' events, well, from what we could hear.

This weekend was an absolute Halloween treat.


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