Saturday, December 03, 2005

Right in the Caboose

Headline: Girls killed by train at crossing

Two teenage girls have been killed as they tried to go over a pedestrian level crossing to catch their train at an Essex station.

"Our hearts go out the families - to lose a child at any time must be absolutely devastating but to do it four weeks before Christmas makes it 10 times worse."

Well, looks like they caught a train alright, just not in the manner they expected.

I simply do not understand how someone can get hit by a train, even if it is a fast-moving one. That's like saying while you were out for a swim you got hit by an ocean liner. Are they some kind of stealth trains?

Personal irritation aside, the condolence from the spokesman, “our hearts go out to the families” just pales in comparison to the girls' internal organs going out to the station.

No wonder it's called Liverpool - bloody English!


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