Saturday, December 03, 2005

Hell in High Heels

Headline: On Your Toes - Stilettos may look sexy, but podiatrists say the damage they can do to your feet is ugly.
A few weeks ago, formerly fat actress Kirstie Alley kicked up her heels on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” in a demonstration of her weight-loss secret: dancing in stilettos. "You never see a stripper in flip-flops," she said. "Flat-footed doesn't make you feel sexy."
I'm not a stiletto wearing person, mostly because I'd resemble the Statue of Liberty if I chose to don such footwear - except, of course, without the torch, or crown, or book and without that alien-green, glowy color. Okay, maybe she was a bad comparison but you get the picture.

Although flat-footed probably isn't too sexy, the thought of that pachyderm thundering around in 4 inch heels isn't exactly a turn on either. She allegedly lost a couple of pounds and now thinks she's stripper-like? I'm sure if she lost anything, with minimal searching, she'd find it right there in her own, um, trunk...along with that flip-flop she's been looking for.


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