Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Tom

Headline: Go Heavy On These Healthy Spices

This holiday season try adding some new spices to your favorite dishes — they may help you live longer and healthier, according to medical reasearch.
Not only does Garlic reduce the risk of heart disease, it also wards off vampires.

Rosemary fights cataracts - this will only be aired on PayPerView.

Oregano fights cancers and dubs as marijuana in a pinch.

Sage may give your memory a boost but a possible side effect is you might find yourself rolling around the desert in the form of a big tumbleweed.

Thyme helps with coughing spells. I didn't know there were coughing spells. Someone must have a voodoo doll out there in my likeness with a pin jabbed straight into my lungs.

Ginger is known to fight motion sickness which is how she landed a part as one of the 7 castaways.

Fennel prevents gas and upset stomach - I'll be sure to have that handy for my husband.

So there you have it. I wonder if Simon and Garfunkel already knew this?


Blogger ItsTJoint said...

Cannibus cures the lack of laughter.

1:53 PM, November 23, 2005  
Blogger OnMyWatch said...

I'll write that one down for future refer-ence

2:18 PM, November 23, 2005  

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