Saturday, October 15, 2005

Star Date: December 2005

Headline: Remains of Star Trek's 'Scotty' headed for space.

"To mark the flight into his final frontier (space), Doohan's family will hold a service for fans on a 60-acre site near Vandenberg Air Force Base (also the home of Daisy the Flatulant Cow) north of Los Angeles the day of the launch to pay tribute to him. Some fans are expected to attend in the formal white suit of a Star Fleet commander." (beware of Trekkies - maybe they could launch some of them, too)

"Doohan's cremated remains will be packed into a special tube that is ejected from the rocket and expected to orbit Earth for about 50 to 200 years (kinda like Keith Richards) before plunging into the planet's atmosphere and burning up." (She's burning up, Captain!)

"The actual phrase "Beam me up, Scotty," was not used on the show, but it entered pop culture." (damn that pop culture!)


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