Friday, October 14, 2005

Pull My Hoof, Daisy

California EPA Warns on Cow Flatulence

The San Joaquin Valley is immersed in smog and California officials warn
that cow flatulence is partly to blame.
With a whopping 2.5 million bovines
in the valley, the California Environmental Protection Agency warns that the
animals are emitting 24 tons of ozone-forming gas per day, according to the
Clovis News-Journal.

24 tons? Moooo....rirrrriiippp...repeat. Now I know why Happy Cows come from's not the cheese - it's the cutting of the cheese that makes them happy! I always thought Bakersfield stunk...explains a lot. I also know why the Cow jumped over the moon - it wasn't a jump, per se, but more of a launch - probably from Vandenburg AFB.


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