Thursday, October 13, 2005

Get Thee Behind Me, Satan... I was first!

Headline: First day of school for aspiring Vatican exorcists.

I can picture the proud Moms now, walking their child to the bus stop, asking repeatedly, "Did you remember your crucifix? Do you have your holy water??" Only to receive an exasperated reply of "Yes, Mama! Now, stop asking me before I banish you to hell and eternal damnation!"

I would love to be a fly on the wall of the guidance counselor meeting with young Paolo. (btw, everyone is named Paolo in Italy)

Counselor: "What do you want to become when you
graduate? A police officer? A firefighter?

Paolo: "No. I want to be an Exorcist!"

Counselor: "What would possess you to want to
do that?"

Paolo: "Ever since my father's head spun around
and spewed pea soup, that's all I've ever dreamed of."

In America, we have a similar curriculum - it's called Gym Class.


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