Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Lucky Strike

Not that New Orleans hasn’t had enough issues lately, lets re-enact the whole Rodney King thing as well just for good measure. What’s next? Rioting in the streets? Oh wait we already did that. I guess people in the south really are backward.

Aside from all the alleged police brutality and violation of civil rights, it’s kind of funny in a way. By that I mean I could only hope at age 64 that I could go home to tell the story of how 4 cops kicked my ass in the French Quarter and have it broadcasted all over the news as proof that my story wasn’t exaggerated. I’ve been to concerts, partied at Mardi Gras for years and years and never have I had such an exciting story to tell. Some people have all the luck.

I’m not sure if anyone noticed but it all occurred next to the Old Absinthe House, I guess absinthe doesn’t make the heart grow fonder after all. Good to know.

The guy said he was just looking for a store to buy a pack of cigarettes. Doesn’t he know smoking is bad for you? I guess he does now. Ouch. Maybe he was trying that age old con-game where you make a bet with someone about where you got your shoes and in what city – except that he asked guys that got their shoes from a local Wal-Mart while looting and there’s a lot more in the trunk of their newly acquired Cadillac. Although, I’m sure there’s plenty of room left for bodies as well, so really, he should consider himself lucky.


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