Monday, October 10, 2005

No Rest for the Wiccan

No self-respecting movie-watcher could possibly sit through anything without a big bowl of popcorn handy. In light of that fact, I broke out Orville, poured the kernels into the pot, turned on the burner, and doused them in oil and butter in preparation for Disney’s Hocus Pocus – one of my favorites. My new puppy freaked out by the noise the seeds made as they hit the metal pot and scurried off like a mad dog (except without the 20/20). As you would expect I chased after him, calmed him down, and placed him in his cage so I could enjoy my evening of frights without interruption. From the kitchen I could hear pinging noises as the kernels began to pop; first slowly and then faster and faster. Not wanting to miss the beginning of the movie, I hesitated to leave, but walked over to make sure my treat wouldn’t burn. As I turned the corner I witnessed the most dazzling and horrifying sight I have ever set my eyes upon: popcorn flew left and right, up and down - all over the place - as if an artificial snow machine was mounted on my stovetop.

Due to all of the commotion with my pup, I had forgotten to place the lid on the pot; you forgot to check the boiler, Jack! I stood there in silent shock, watching in amazement for several seconds. The spell was finally broken as I suddenly remembered I actually wanted to eat this stuff. The lid was slammed down onto the pot and I managed to save at least half of a big-bowl-of-popcorn for the movie. Next time, I’ll opt for the wine.


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