Friday, October 07, 2005

When in Gnome

I absolutely hate the Travelocity gnome. What psycho thought that was a brilliant idea? My mind cannot even imagine the brainstorming going on in that meeting. But he must've been the same freak who landed the Burger King account. How weird is that guy? Seeing that carnival-sized (or should I say king-sized) face staring like a deranged, serial rapist does not entice me to get onion rings or anything - even if I used the drive thru for a quick escape - in fact, he makes me lose my appetite.

What will these ad people think of next? Let me guess: Statues of the Virgin Mary used for trip specials to the Vatican? I would only hope that if they do take that route, the Blessed Mother will smash that gnome into a million pieces from the top of St Peter's Basilica.
Oh and can I get a hot, apple pie with that?


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