Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hell on Wheels

Headline: Police: 93-Year-Old Drives Through Toll With Body On Windshield

Police took Parker's license, which he renewed in 2003. "That was the one thing he had, to get in his car and just drive for the sheer enjoyment of driving," Jockers said. Parker lived alone after his wife died in 1998, according to authorities.

Seniors age 80 or older must pass only a vision test when renewing a Florida driver's license.

Who needs a toll tag when you've got a body on your windshield?! Maybe he thought it was one of those palmetto bugs - they are the size of the space shuttle down there.

I have no doubt his wife died due to injuries caused by his backing over her in their driveway.

Maybe the state of Florida should institute a memory exam as well. To be discreet, they could give the vision test twice and see if rings a bell.

One good thing to come from this tragedy is I've heard video game designers are currently developing a new version of Grand Theft Auto: Snowbird City.


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