Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Duck, Duck...Goose!

Headline: Goose Gets Revenge Against Swedish Hunter

A Swedish hunter spent two days in bed after being knocked unconscious by a Canada goose that landed on his head moments after his son shot it dead, news reports said Wednesday.

Must've left quite the goose egg on his forehead.

I feel sorry for poor Ulf. Imagine his friends asking about his injuries only to have Ulf hang his knotted-noggin in shame and admit I got hit in the head with a goose. A short pause of silence - followed by roars of laughter - sends Ulf storming out, nearly in tears, back to his house. He felt better though once he walked through the door and took in the wonderful aroma that filled his nostrils as he realized his wife had dinner ready for him.

Hmm. Who's honking now?


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