Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Urine A Lot of Trouble

Headline: Man Accused of Lobbing Urine Into Yards
Tobler is a truck driver whose route regularly takes him to the Clive area. He was charged with littering and harassment for allegedly tossing detergent-sized bottles of his urine over fences.
Well, #1: this type of gift would certainly fall into the you really, really shouldn't have category. And # 2: oh yeah, there wasn't a #2. Whew!

Yes, I realize most truck stop bathrooms are filthy, but to opt for detergent-sized containers instead is just piss-poor judgment.

Considering the volume dispensed, the container that would have been most appropriate to use had to be Tide, because it sure as hell wasn't Ivory Snow.


Blogger Rocky said...

Wow, this guy must be drinking A LOT of coffee to be filling up detergent size containers.
You are probably right on Tide brand. Could have been Surf, too.
You're right that there's no way it would be Ivory Snow. I doubt it was all temperature Cheer either because lobbed piss at any temp is just wrong.

6:48 AM, December 31, 2005  

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